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Good design serves a purpose. Our design can help you solve a problem, tell a story or build your brand.

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Engaging students, improving education

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Creating an inspiring identity

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Helping a fast-evolving company rebrand

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What we do

Design Guys combines user centered design and branding. We can handle a full range of print and digital projects. Our expertise includes:

  • User experience design - researching clients and brands
  • Interaction design - creating products that are useful and meaningful
  • Visual design - making things recognizable and stand out

We can help you with

  • websites
  • webshops
  • apps
  • digital tools & services
  • corporate identities
  • style guides
  • brochures
  • illustrations
  • communication concepts
  • customer journeys
  • persona's

How we work

Every project starts with a talk

This helps us learn about the short and term challenges you’re facing.

Getting to know your customers

This step involves research. First, we want to learn about your customers and what motivates them. Then we want to learn how does your company or product fits in their world.

Making it happen

We involve you in every step of the design process. Your feedback helps us create better design. This makes the path from original idea to final design smooth and effective.

Why Design Guys?

We provide an integrated service

Some agencies focus UX and interactions. Others stick to branding and visual identity. We believe you can’t do one without the other. At Design Guys, we combine these disciplines.

You can expect quality

We are experienced senior designers so you can expect high quality service and deliverables.

You will feel comfortable with us 😃

You won’t have to deal with big egos and layers of organization. At Design Guys, you have direct contact with us. Don't worry, we are easy to talk and fun to work with.

The guys

Jean-Marc Daniëls

Team leader / Interaction design

Soraya Cosaert

User experience design

Karl Leidsman

Visual design / Illustration

Don Seidenberg

User experience


From scrappy start-ups to established multinationals, we help clients big and small. Here are some of the brands we have worked for.


Getting accurate feedback from high school students regarding teacher performance has always been problematic. Most schools use a lengthy paper questionnaire, which results in feedback with little value.

How do you interest students in completing a teacher performance questionnaire, which provides accurate and actionable information? 241 Software Solutions, a startup focused on improving education, turned to Design Guys to help them solve this problem.

How we helped

Design Guys came up with an idea for a fun web application that combines a puzzle with a questionnaire. This application is called Quest. The schools using Quest have increased the amount, frequency and quality of the student feedback. These schools can now provide actionable feedback to their teachers so they can improve their performance.

How it works

Using Quest, the teacher creates a puzzle by choosing a photo and creating a codeword. Together, the class needs to solve the puzzle.

Each student has a part of the puzzle to solve. By completing their questionairs students unveil 'their' part of the puzzle.

Ideally, the puzzle is shown on the Digiboard. This is where all the unveiled puzzle pieces come together and the puzzle can be solved by the class. Everyone is needed. The teacher rewards the class if they solve the puzzle.

Maurits van Bellen, Co-Founder, 241 Software Solutions

By working closely with our product team, teachers and school principals, Design Guys was able to create a solution that helps teachers improve their classroom performance. The personal involvement of Design Guys has been decisive in expressing our vision as a company and making the project a success.


Black Achievement Month (BAM) is a month-long festival celebrating black history. It includes exhibitions, debates, theater, dance and film events for both a younger and a more mature audience. It takes place in Amsterdam, Den Haag and Rotterdam. BAM wanted a distinct visual identity to help them launch their festival in 2016.

How we helped

Black Achievement Month turned to Design Guys for help. We created a visual identity, which provided a strong image for the festival. The identity contains abstract versions of hands high-fiving and connecting with one another. It’s all about celebrating achievement.

Logo design

Visual Identity

Art direction and illustration festival image



When founded in 2009, Scrum Company had two employees and offered one service: scrum training. Now they have a team of 12 and provide scrum and agile training and consulting services. As they grew and evolved, Scrum Company realized their website was no longer relevant. They approached Design Guys to create a new website.

How we helped

After our initial talks with Scrum Company, we realized they needed more than just a website. Their name no longer fit with their services and they needed a stronger visual identity. In short, they needed a re-branding.

To approach this challenge, we first needed to identify their brand values. In addition to a card sorting session with employees, we wanted their clients feedback to get to the heart of Scrum Company’s identity.

Getting the process right

To encourage client feedback, we designed a series of fun cards with three questions.

We asked their clients:

  • What does Scum Company excel in?
  • What brand would you compare Scrum Company with and why?
  • What words best describe Scrum Company?

In addition, Design Guys interviewed 12 clients. After receiving their feedback, we had a return working session with the entire Scrum Company team. This helped the team see themselves from another perspective, which was quite different than their own.

This learning opportunity has helped Scrum Company redefine their brand values.
Now they have a solid basis from which to continue their branding evolution.

Linn Kennes, Agile Scrum coach

Working with the Design Guys gave me a lot of positive energy. Their fun approach inspired us and helped us look at our company in a different way.